Prior to the Chicagoland Safety, Health & Environmental Conference, the conference brochure and booklet describing the courses is submitted to ASSP for their review and approval. This is what ensures that ASSP will award CEUs if attendees record their attendance properly.

If you want CEUs recorded by ASSP for your attendance, you must:

  1. Bring your ASSP member number, if you have one, to the conference.
  2. Sign in on the CEU sheets at the Registration Table each and every day you attend:
    • Your name will be on the sign-in sheet only if you have registered for that day.
    • Review your attendance information on the sign-in sheet, fill in any information blanks (e.g., your contact information or company), and correct any information errors on the sign-in sheet.
    • Initial on the sign-in sheet to indicate which portion(s) of the day you are registered for and attending that day (i.e., either half-day or full day attendance).

So, initial:

    • “AM” or
    • “PM” or
    • Initial both “AM” and “PM”

You must sign in at the Registration Table to get CEUs. We no longer report individual session attendance to ASSP. So, even if you sign in at individual sessions you still need to sign in at the ASSP CEU table to be awarded your CEUs. Session moderators will remind you to sign in; however, it is your responsibility to sign in at the Registration Table.

ASSP’s Process
After the conference, an electronic record is prepared from the information on the sign-in sheets. Then it is submitted to ASSP for their review and data entry into their CEU transcript system. ASSP requests 5 to 7 weeks after the submittal of event information for the CEU Awards to be recorded by ASSP. So, please plan to wait at least 10 weeks for the CEUs to appear on your ASSP transcript. If you are not an ASSP member, you can contact ASSP directly to get a copy of your transcript at (847) 768-3465.

CEUs and Other Professional Organizations
ASSP requires pre-approval of the coursework in order to provide CEUs. Other organizations with which you hold a certification may honor those CEUs or simply have a calculation that translates your attendance into that organization’s CEU equivalent. For example, IHMM allows the tracking of contact hours by the participant and then provides a calculation for how much credit is provided towards recertification of the Certified Hazardous Materials Manager accreditation. Generally, the conference does not provide certificates of attendance.

Please be sure to know the requirements of your particular certification if you plan to use your conference attendance for continuing education related to that certification.

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